Problems in Paradise

Sometimes, the cost of visiting such a wonderful island like Sanibel has a price that is not financial.  In Sanibel’s case, this would be the headaches of getting stuck in the Sanibel traffic during season.  The good news is you can avoid it and we are here to help.

First, it must be stated that the City of Sanibel does a terrific job of trying to educate the public about the traffic backups. The Sanibel police department does a thankless and terrific  job of doing what they can to cars along.  Sanibel has no traffic lights, and for months of the year, in the Florida heat, officers stand at the 4 way stop signs and act as a traffic signal.  As many of you might like to blame them for being stuck in traffic, it is not their fault and they deserve thanks for trying to move so many cars on and off our tropical oasis every day.

With only one way on and one way off Sanibel, it is a small price to pay to visit the beautiful beaches, the spectacular fishing,  the wonderful restaurants, the unique gift stores, etc…  If you have no choice but to travel during the peak times just keep telling yourself how much worse it could be.  You could be stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of some city with the roads all covered in a gray slushy, icy, mess!