Traffic Cameras

Live Cameras

Sanibel invested in some cameras that are real time video of how cars are moving down Periwinkle way and the Sanibel Causeway.  These camera are set up strategically to cover the main spots that you might want to check before traveling down Sanibel’s roads.

One thing to check for when viewing these camera views is the Periwinkle and Lindgren East view.   Every so often ( about 4 times a year) an officer will be standing in the yield there and it will greatly effect the traffic patterns leaving the island.

The other thing to remember while everyone is crawling along is the side streets.  Most people who travel up these side roads on Sanibel (Bailey rd, Donax, Casa Ybel) seem to think they have a right to pull out in front every other car and treat it as a 4 way stop.  Be prepared for cars to pull in front of you as you pass these roads.  Many will inch their way out even though they do not have the right of way.  Just be patient and prepared to stop at a moments notice.

Sanibel traffic webcams can also come in handy when you hear sirens from emergency vehicles.  Sometimes you can check the camera views and figure out just where the accident might have happened or how bad it is.  Hopefully the City of Sanibel will be expanding the number of cameras soon so that the beach parking lots can be viewed to see how many open parking spots there might be before heading there!

See the camera feeds below to see how bad traffic  is in these select locations.

(this link will take you to the city’s website with camera feeds)

Camera Feeds