Current Conditions

Live Traffic

For those that are not aware google has a great tool for checking Sanibel traffic conditions.  Google tracks cell phones and can tell how fast they are moving down the road.  This is a great tool to help avoid sitting in one of Sanibel Islands miles long traffic backups. At the bottom of this page is the current map of Sanibel along with the actual current traffic.   If you see a lot of green roads below you are good to go. The redder the line, the slower the traffic.  As you will see, when the roads on Sanibel get backed up, it usually effects all the roads because people try to find a way to avoid it.  Unfortunately, being an island, there are limited options as there really are only 2 roads that run East to West so they both will get busy.  

What to do

If you are looking to visit here in February or March (really until Easter) between 3-6 PM and planning to head “off the island”, pull the car into one of Sanibel’s spectacular restaurants and enjoy a nice meal. Wait for the sun to set and the roads to turn green again. Better yet, head towards Blind Pass (the bridge area that separates Sanibel and Captiva) and enjoy a sunset on the beach.   As the sun goes down, the traffic will also.  Follow the general rule of get here early and stay late. 

One thing to remember about Sanibel roads is that, while you will read a lot about our afternoon traffic, the morning can be just as bad.  With a majority of the workforce for the island living off island, they all come to the island first thing in the morning.  The wait from the toll booth to actually be on Sanibel can take some time in season.  Everyone will tell you about the 3-6 time but getting on the island between 8:15-11 can be horrible too.  It is a price to pay to be in the paradise of Sanibel island. 

Also just a side note–If thinking of avoiding Sanibel because of the traffic and heading to Fort Myers beach instead, think twice.  Fort Myers beach traffic makes Sanibel’s look like an expressway!