Ways Around

Ways Around the traffic

Getting around Sanibel during certain times can be difficult to say the least.  Below are some tips and ideas to help make your Sanibel and Captiva vacation better by avoiding traffic. At bottom of this page the Sanibel biking/hiking paths are marked.

1-  AVOID IT!– This seems obvious, however, most traffic that occurs on Sanibel happens during certain peak times of the day.  In season there is always some traffic.  If you avoid Periwinkle Way in the morning and in the later afternoon, it can help.  A lot of the island workers live on the mainland, so they are coming onto Sanibel in the mornings. This same group usually leave the island between 3-6:30.  This is when traffic is the worst.  If at all possible avoid traveling in your car during these times.  If you can get to Sanibel before the workforce does (before 8:30) and leave after them (after 6).  It will make your day easier and more enjoyable.

One note about weekday verse weekend traffic on Sanibel.  People are always shocked that our weekend traffic is not near as bad as during the week.  While you will have to deal with the islands many special events ( shell show, craft fairs, farmers market, etc..), you will not have the School traffic or a majority of the landscapers and other weekday workforce.  Weekend traffic is not near what it is during the week.

2-BIKE/HIKE IT!–  With such wonderful year round weather on Sanibel and Captiva, and over 20 miles of bike/hike paths available, it is a great place to walk or bike to your destination.  A lot of times biking somewhere in the winter months will get you to your spot much sooner than driving will.  Please cross at the many strategically  placed crosswalks along the way.  Be aware that even though it is the law to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, many drivers are “distracted” by enjoying the sites.  Make sure the cars stop for you before attempting to cross.